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Simple.. but nice

Simple songs about simple things
Is what makes my baby swing
Shes got eyes like an angel smiles like a devil
Man you know she’s the real thing
When my baby's not around
The whole world hears my poor heart pound
“Man you know that she’s the one for me”

When I see that crazy smile
Makes it all well worth while
Love my baby can’t deny
Couldn’t hide it if I try

so at the end of the day I can clearly say
“she’s the only one for me”
no one else I’d rather see
nowhere else I’d rather be

than hangin’ with my baby tight
morning, afternoon & night
love that girl I can’t deny
couldn’t hide it if I try
24.4.08 21:17

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pedaa (24.4.08 22:09)
ja ich komm in meinen Blog, du ja auch xD
sry, dass ich immer so kurz angebunden bin, aber hab im mom echt viel zu tun, könn ja mal wieder was machen (UPLINK *geb*)...
wünsch ne gute zeit

(25.4.08 09:16)
And the name is....? Jetzt wolln ma aber mal genaueres wissen ^^

Dev\'ian (25.4.08 14:17)
No way. Noch nicht :D

Knabberhanf (26.4.08 18:30)
I Think M. from Kandel was the final winner, am I right?

Dev\'ian (26.4.08 21:15)

and I'm defeated :S

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