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Der Wind, der Wind...

... weiß wer ich bin.

Saturday morning, getting ready to get the bread rolls. Eating six of them at home. Prepare to drive to Karlsruhe to work. Worked only 1 1/2 hour and drove back home. Beeing upset because of an old woman on a bike and someone driving a ugly BMW. The BMW drove ~45 km/h where 70 are allowed and the old woman drove on the street while there was a bikeway just one meter to her right...

Arrived at home and took my second shower that day. Getting ready for the great evening at Kandel (Tanja's 18th).

If left the house and said hello to her at 8.PM. We waited for the others, ate some pizza-bread-rolls, if you know what I mean, drank some funny tasting beer and visited the city-festival. I also met some of my other friends there and we listened to the band "die dicken Kinder" which means "the fat children" in English. The music was pretty nice but we had to leave after some time cause we were missing some of our group and were still waiting for others. It was a bit confusing and I'm not going to tell details.

At 11.55 PM we were at Tanja's home again, waiting for the big moment. Even more people joined the party and we were having a great time.

Finally we went to bed at 2.30 AM or so. I dreamed some shit I don't yet understand but nevermind.

Breakfast was fine but everybody was wondering how much I'm eating .. hm... you haven't seen me really hungry yet -laughs- .

I left in the afternoon after making some really funny movie about Tanja driving Steffen's car.

At home I enjoyed my new music and now I've to prepare my schoolstuff for tomorrow. Learning history ... urghs...



Tea an Ess H Air Care , just smiling and confusing...


2.9.07 18:43

Endstation Eden...

... mein Zug endet hier.

Fascinating waves of boredom and fatigue in the sky.
Overtaking my body.
The waves force heaven to cry and its tears touch my corpus.
One hour passes. Two hours pass. I'm joining the purple dream.
A plane crushes in an airpot. People fade away.
My hands try to help, but it's useless.
Blood covers my fingers and my face.
Veins pulse. The red liquid squirts.

Trying to hide myself.
Feeling dead and still waking up.


It was only a dream.

6.9.07 22:18

They got it...

... finally.

After 7 days Tea an Ess solved the riddle.

Well, I think now I've to make up another one.

Anyway. Weekend was, well, funny but not special and time is running so fast.

Only 4 months left until we got our last exam and I just don't really wanna leave school .


13.9.07 18:24

Flames, Tears...


Whispering voices in my head,

sounds like they are calling my name.


Sun is shining.

Tears drop. The earth bleeds. The sky crys.

Angels fall from heaven, Luzifer enters the surface.

Lightning strikes. Wings break. Four horsemen are coming.  


Love - hate -  blood - tears - white - black - light - dark

Friends - soldiers - victims - death - marriage - racism - day - night 

Happiness - no brain - relatives - sadness - children - stupid idiots - sun - moon

Love it - hate it - love them - hate it - love them - hat them - love it - beautiful



18.9.07 17:36

Happy birthday...

... to me!


: )




Well, oh Lord... gi.. damn it's late...




kinda laf! so much laf : ) 

23.9.07 02:24

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