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264 km away from home...

... is where I'd like to live right now.

I know, I didn't write much the last weeks (last entry 28.07.) but hey, there was so much going on and I just didn't have the time and the mood to write down what happend those days.

Now I returned from Siegen, that's about 264 north from here, and all I can say is: "Three days are to short." I visited an old and very good friend of mine. I saw here only three or four times in the last two years. I arrived there friday at 1.25 PM and yeah, exactly at the same time, when she came home from school. I was so glad to see here again. I don't want to tell you so many details, cause you wouldn't understand what I'm talking about anyway, but these three days were so great.(Every sentence started with "I" ... well, nevermind that.) She has one little brother and one little sister and I tell you, they look so much different from what I had in my mind (hadn't seen them for the whole two years). That was the first suprise. The next were the really big house, a rat, two rabbits, a nice view from her room, well everything was great.

We (she, her boyfriend and me) visited a "bird- and ape-zoo", an Irish pub called "the shamrock", grilled, drank caipirinha, visited Siegen and "the night of a thousand lights", watched the stars, relaxed in the sun, played with the animals, talked and enjoyed the whole time.

I finaly had to drive back at 7.PM yesterday (sunday) and I was pretty sad when I arrived at home. I mean there are only 264 km between us, which means driving for ~2:30h, but school makes it nearly impossible to meet at one weekend. But I hope we'll see eachother in seven weeks again. I already miss you guys. Greetings to your cool and funny familys, to your nice schoolmates Marvin, Timo, Sebastian and all the others I met.

Now I finish this entry before a tear comes out of my nose (insider-joke) and drops down.

13.8.07 00:23

Winning is fun...

... yup, it really is.

On Monday I drove to Tanja, Steffen and Mareike where we sat in the garden-house and first played "Tabu" but after the sun went down and it got to dark to read, we canceled the game and the rest of the time we were talking about our trips we had the last days (Tanja and Mareike had been in England for two weeks).

Yesterday Steffen asked me if I'd like to come to Jens in the evening and so did I. But this time I decided to go by bike but first of all I had to find one that worked. Mine had a flat tire, my dad's was a little bit to big so I took my mum's. When I arrived in Kandel they, Steffen, Jens, Robert had decided that they want to go to Mc Donald's in Landau and that's what we did.

I ate at home and don't even like McD's food, that's why I ordered only a big (0,5l) cola. At the moment there are lucky lottery tickets(?) on several meals and yeah, I won a icecream! After everybody finished his meal we played poker and I finally won at the end with a straight (means street from 10 to As).

Today I've got to buy a jacket, a shelf for my room and some fish for the evening. Sounds like fun, huh?


15.8.07 10:18

Fun, action and ...

... school. AAAHHHH!!

Our holidays are over now.

I was in Austria from friday to sunday with my dad and some other guys who work at his company. There we did rafting and canyoning which was a lot of fun. The weather was fine and at saturday we had our canyoning tour. The guide roped us down (did you know that abseilen means to abseil?) in some waterfalls and we jumped from 4,5m into somekind of waterbasin. It was pretty amazingen and realy great. Sunday morning was the rafting part. The water had ~6°C and we fell in it several times but it was a lot of action and fun, too. I hope me and my friends are also going to do this next year.

Today was the first day in my last year of school. Well, I got up at 11 a.m. drove to school at 12:10 a.m. and drove back at 12:45 a.m. They gave us only our timetable and mine just sucks. I had three more lessons last year but anyway I'm coming home this year even later. Why? Last year:

Monday-Tuesday-Wendsday-Thursday-Friday (lessons (35/week))


This year (32/week):


great, huh? Damn it .. 

Well, I'm trying to get the best out of it ...


20.8.07 20:47

One week passed...

...and ended with blood.

Alright the whole last week was a mix of exhausting, boring and interesting lessons, just as usual. My afternoons where filled with sleep, homework and relaxing.

Yesterday was pretty arduous. I was allowed to sleep until 8 am. and my school started at 9.55 am. with two sportlessons. Well, I survived and had to go to my english class afterwards. Ninety minutes of freetime followed and one boring german-lesson.


At 6:15 pm. Nico and Sebastian picked me up to prepare our "Grillhütten-Party" and we were the only ones except of about eight others (we are about ninety in our age-group...). Well we did what we were able to and drove back home again at 8.45 to get our bikes (->no alcohol @ driving). Finally we arrived at ~10 pm and the party already started but I didn't have the time to get some drinks or dance or whatever because I decided to go to the controllpoint with four girls to protect them (we had to check that no one under 16 years enters the party). Most guest where calm but we also had a few troublemakers but no one got really hurt.

Our shift was over at 0:30 am and from then on I could really enjoy the party, dancing, having some drinks, talking and just having fun.

Until we had to clean up and some stupid idiots decided to make some trouble. You could feel the tention in the air. Some minutes later I heard a loud sound frome inside of our small house where we sold all the drinks and stuff. I ran there, entered the building and saw four 'big' guys punching and kicking at John and Gabbat. I took one of the guys and husteled him into a corner where he was threating me. I looked back to my friends, the guys were still punching and kicking. Another friend of mine, Nico was already in to help and to get the idiots away. The one I husteled was also still threating me but he looked like could really think anymore (just standing there and faltering). His little brother screamed at him and the others that they should get their ass out of here. After a few moments they left the building and we could really see the consequences. Gabbat hold his head and his hand hurted, the window was broken cause someone husteled John into it, his arm was bleeding. Adrenalin was in my veins. Someone called the police and the ambulance. The first-aid kit was EMPTY. So we could just clean Johns arm with water and had to wait. The police came but all that they did was asking questions, writing something down..not arresting somebody. We left the place at 5:20 am. Still shocked. I fell asleep at 6:30 am. and woke up at 3:30 pm today.

I hope everything is fine with Gabbat and John and the police will do something about the four guys. Otherwise I'm going there myself and tell them what happend. Nico would come with me. They'll get their punishment.


25.8.07 18:43

Blow my mind...

... with thoughts.

The thing I treasure most in life can not be taken away.

Why does it sound like the devil is laughing?

Can't you see this is a land of confusion.

It's like a paranoid looking over my back.

Always..always...always... I just can't live without you.

I love you, I hate you... I breathe you, I taste you... I can't live without you.

I see the blood all over your hands, does it make you feel more like a man. Was it all just a part of your plan. The pistol is shaking in my hand. And all I hear is the sound of I love you...I hate you... I can't live without you.

I'm drowning.

Ich muss fort, es ist Walpurgisnacht. Rund herum ums helle Feuer, rund herum in wildem Tanz. Reigen Körper, Geister, wilde Blicken berühren sich im Fluge.

And one day he'll be the champion of the world. Here comes the hurricane...


Are you confused? You don't have to, it's enough when I'm.



27.8.07 20:52

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