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One step closer...


... to the end.


So, why am I doing this? Well, I can't tell you but it doesn't matter anyway cause nobody might ever read this, except of me ofcourse.

Alright, this is now my first entry in my blogg. It is 1.52 a.m. , I should already be in bed but I can't sleep. Now I'm watching somekind of horrormovie and writing a blogg.

The last week was quiet intressting. Thursday was the last day in school for the next six weeks. I don't exactly remember what we or I did friday but at saturday we were at the rocknight and I got to know Katie, an American exchange student from Illinois. Well, there were 4 bands but I only listen to some of their songs. The rest of the time we were sitting outside talking, eating pizza and playing some games with stones (crazy? ... maybe.) .

Sunday we were playing somekind of bowling (kegeln..) and after that we went to Peter. We sat in his garden until 10.30 p.m. and Tanjas parents decided that they have to get home fast.

Monday: We did not except that parents could be so angry about their children coming home at ~11 p.m (I mean Tanja is almost 18) but anyway we (Peter, Steffen and me) decided to meet at Steffen's house and play some videogames and cards. It was a funny and long evening.

Tuesday we were allowed and invited to Tanjas marshmallow-party. I arrived at 7 p.m. and they (Tanja, Mareike, Katie, Steffen, Peter and Lisa, Jens joined us later) were already playing cards. I joined the game and maybe after an hour we made a fire outside of the small "gardenhouse" and grilled some marshmallow. After we finished our meal we got back in the house and talked about different things until it got very late. At 2 a.m. Jens left. I kept on talking and finaly fell asleep at maybe 3 a.m..

The next morning we woke up at 9 a.m. and I finaly had to say goodbye to Katie before I drove home.

Katie, if you ever gonna read this: it was a great time and I'm glad that I met and know you.

12.7.07 02:37


... that's what I think about Photoshop. I wanted to change the layout of this blog and checked what has to offer. After 15 minutes of searching I found two layouts but they didn't realy work. So I installed Photoshop to make my own but ... what the hell? I don't understand it at all. Two more hours of spending time in making a layout and I gave it up. So now you can see I picked a layout which was not made by myself but I like it anyway.

What else did I do today? Well.. nothing. Only sat at home, eating, watching TV, playing some video Games, working at the blog. Now it's 8.32 p.m. and all I'm gonna do until I go to bed is cooking another meal and watching another movie.

I hope tomorrow will bring more action and fun.


12.7.07 20:34

The sun ...

... is shining and the weather is fine, finally. I woke up opend my eyes and saw the sun in the blue sky. And for the first time, since I'm in holidays, it didn't rain until sunset . So I could enjoy the warm day in our garden, watching our rabbit jumping around and our turtles were walking in their enclosure. I relaxed in the sun and ate some icecream. Now I'm gonna cook a meal, enjoy the sunset and watch "Der verbotene Schlüssel", Saw I and Saw II.

Can't wait until tomorrow. Hope it's gonna be such a nice day as it was today.

13.7.07 21:16

To much sun...

... equals red skin. Yeah, today was again very sunny. I woke up, took a shower and went to the baker-store (do you call it like that?). I bought ten bread rolls and arrived with eight at our house. Yup, I was hungry. At home I ate my breakfast took of my shirt and went in the garden to enjoy the sun. After one and a half hour I returned into the house, looked into the mirror and saw something red. Damn, I looked like a freaking crawfish. Well, the rest of the day I stayed in the house, hiding in the shadow, afraid of the sun... just joking. I relaxed in my bed, planned with Steffen and Tanja what we are going to do tomorrow, played some video games and listend to music

( I love Bob Dylan - Hurricane, great music and a very serious text , )

At 6 p.m. I waited for Katie to come online, but she didn't. So I watched TV and at 8 p.m. she finally made it to run ICQ. But well, dunno why, but we could communicate or was she just to busy? Anyway I talked with Tanja about Bob Dylan's song, I mentioned above, and other stuff.

Now I'm watching Fanta 4 @ MTV and I'll go to bed afterwards. Tomorrow will be very exhausting (because of the damn heat).

So I say: Good night, see ya tomorrow. Enjoy the darkness.

14.7.07 22:58

Harry Potter...

... and the Mais-Labyrinth.. no wait, I mixed up something.

Yeah, today was pretty funny and again very exhausting. I got up pretty late and had not so much time until Tanja, Mareike and Steffen picked me up for the "Mais-Labyrinth" (Mais = maize / indian corn / corn)(at 13.30). Well, we had to drive to Leimersheim, which wasn't a big deal but how do you find a "Mais-Labyrinth"when there is maize just everywhere? We finally found it, after ten minutes of walking while the sun burned our body. We entered the labyrinth and were the only ones at this time (you can imagine why...). We decided to build teams, boys against girls. The game started and we were fighting against the time, against the girls, and against the sun. Well, the sun was our strongest enemy. After one hour we finally made it to get all six stamps, which were distributed all over the labyrinth (in betwee we had the second stamp two times, one time on stampfield two and one time on stampfield four... don't ask why! We just don't know). We left the labyrinth, happy to be outside again and refreshed ourselves at toilet-sinks. All the time we where in this freaking hot laby. I didn't wear my T-Shirt, so you can imagine how red I'm right now, but anyway, in some days it turns into a nice brown...well, that's what I hope, otherwise I could work as a crawfish and sell fish and chips in Karlsruhe. We finally drove back home and I took the second shower that day, getting ready for Harry Potter V.

So, I drove to Tanja, got into Steffen's car and together we (me and Steffen; Peter, Jens, Mareike, Tanja und Julia were in the other car) drove to Landau to watch Harry Poter V. I don't know why, but I didn't really expect a good movie, maybe because the book just sucked (~1000 pages of "blablubbblablablablubb" and ~20 pages of action ...). And my worries became reality. The movie wasn't that good, too much "blablablblabalablubb" mixed with some special effects, a little bit action, not much humor and a little bit of love story, that's just how I would describe it. And there was this stupid disturbing child, who jumped the stairs up and down, about every ten minutes. I mean, hey, I'm watching some 'serious' movie and then I hear somekind of "BOOM, BOOM, BOOM *run* BOOM, BOOM, BOOM" all the time. They should sell some leash(e)s for children there, damn it. After the movie we drove back to Tanja where we stayed until ~1.40 a.m, talking, eating pizza and playing cards. And now I'm here, writing the last sentences and going to bed afterwards.

Hope tomorrow will be again very sunny (yeah, I like the sun anyway, maybe my skin is able to get a little bit more red, like a strawberry or a cherry (darkred)) and maybe we gonna do a "Männer-Abend" at Steffen, like we did last monday.

So see ya guys tomorrow, or today, or however you wanna call it.


(Nevermind spellingmistakes please, it is freaking late!)

16.7.07 02:41

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